Content Usage

Effective Date: 16/11/2023

Content Usage provide further details on how users can interact with and use the content available on our coloring pages sharing website.

1. Personal and Non-Commercial Use

Users are permitted to download, print, and share coloring pages for personal, non-commercial purposes. This includes personal enjoyment, educational activities, and sharing with friends and family.

2. Educational and Nonprofit Organizations

Educational institutions and nonprofit organizations may use coloring pages from the Website for educational purposes,.

3. Attribution

When sharing or displaying coloring pages from the Website, users must provide clear and visible attribution to the Website as the source of the content. Attribution should include the Website’s name and a link to the original page.

4. Prohibited Uses

Users may not use coloring pages from the Website for any illegal, defamatory, or harmful purposes.

Commercial use of coloring pages without explicit written permission is strictly prohibited.

Users may not claim ownership of the original coloring pages or derivative works.

5. Modification of Coloring Pages

Users are discouraged from modifying the coloring pages. Any modifications should not distort the original content or misrepresent the source.

6. User-Generated Content

Users may submit their colored versions of the pages to the Website.

Submitted content should adhere to community guidelines, and users grant the Website the right to use and showcase these submissions for promotional purposes.

7. Compliance with Community Standards

Users are expected to adhere to community standards and guidelines when interacting with the content on the Website. Content that violates these standards may be removed.

8. Reporting Violations

Users are encouraged to report any misuse or violations of these Content Usage Guidelines. The Website will investigate reported issues and take appropriate action.

9. Contact Information

For questions or concerns related to content usage, please contact us.

By using the content on the Website, users agree to comply with these Content Usage. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in the removal of content, termination of the license, or other appropriate action.